Yeshua was Jewish.

Yes he certainly was and it doesn’t end there, at Son of David we worship Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

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We meet on every shabbat at 10:30am at 3211 Paul Drive in Wheaton, Md. right off of Viers Mill Rd.

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A Messianic Service?

Find out what you should expect to see on your first visit to Son of David Congregation.

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Dennis Met Messiah

“…and here this man is telling me something about my Passover that I didn’t know. And he made me very very uncomfortable. My goal was to prove him wrong…”

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A Bit About Us

We worship Yeshua together as His bride, made one in Messiah.
By presenting the Gospel in a culturally Jewish context, we seek to reach Jewish friends, relatives and neighbors with the message of salvation.
With a view toward maintaining our cultural link with the past, thereby demonstrating the faithfulness of God in preserving the Jewish Remnant, we will strive to impart a Messianic vision to the next generation.

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