A Messianic Couple Show Respect To Their Jewish Parents

When Gary asked for Cathy’s hand in marriage, he was met with a unique situation. Her Jewish father didn’t want them to be married in a Church but they believed that God should be the center of their marriage. Watch as they relive the tale of how they respected her father’s wishes while also keeping…

Marriage is Forever When God is Involved

Dawn got married expecting life to be perfect but when things started to deteriorate she realized that only God could save her marriage. With the help of her friend at Son of David congregation she was able to reconnect with the Lord and then bring that faith back into her dying marriage and reinvigorate their…

An Egyptian Woman Finds Yeshua the Messiah in a Dream

Coming from an Egyptian Muslim background, Safaa had lead a life of holiness and dedication to her religion. However, that all changed when she was visited by Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah in a dream one night. She was prompted to go on a journey to be baptized that eventually lead her to become a prayer…

From Venezuela to Rockville MD @ Son of David Congregation

Maria details her journey finding Messianic Judaism from all the way in Venezuela and her journey to the Washington DC area to be a cornerstone of Son of David Messianic Congregation.

Tim Shares How Faith Saved His Marriage

Tim, now an active member of Son of David congregation, shares how God’s word was the thing that saved his marriage and brought him and his wife back together after they almost divorced. His heart-felt story leads into an introduction of Son of David and what it has done for Tim and his family.

A Congregational History

Having been with Son of David congregation since its early days, John Eric has ridden with the congregation through many of its bumps and victories. He shares some of his experience with the congregation and how it has impacted his own life in this heart-felt testimony.