We’re Regularly Asked…

Messianic congregations are faith communities that stress the Jewish context of the Good News of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.

We are a synagogue that emphasizes the Jewish context of the good news of Yeshua the Messiah.

Everyone is welcome, both Jew and Gentile! We worship Yeshua together as His bride, made one in Messiah.

SODC celebrates the Biblical festivals of the Lord prescribed in the Bible.

Our Shabbat service incorporates the liturgical traditions of our Jewish people; some of which are in Hebrew, and translated into English. You are invited to join us in these Hebrew praises which are transliterated for this very purpose!

The Psalms invite us to “praise the Lord in the dance” …so we do! Many congregants find the medium of dance a joyful and fulfilling way of expressing their worship of God. We invite you to attend one of our regular dance workshops – which are geared especially for beginners – to try your hand (and feet) at this ancient form of praise.

Toward the middle of our service, the sefer torah (book of the law) – a beautiful, century-old scroll meticulously handwritten on animal parchment – will be removed from the ark and a prescribed portion read in Hebrew and English.

From toddlers to teens, the youth at Son of David Congregation are being nurtured in the Word of God. Each Shabbat, at the beginning of our Torah Service, our children (ages 3-12) are dismissed for class, to a caring teacher who engages them in a curriculum which is both Bible-centered and Messianic. Nursery is also provided for children up to age 2.

Teen class is available after our service at 12:30pm.

After the service we provide an opportunity for people to schmooze and nosh together.